This is a DIY canister aquarium filter. Basically you can convert regular aquarium internal filter into a canister filter with respect to functionality by using ceramic rings and activated carbon in that. I always get excited when I plan some DIY stuff. Recently one of my fish aquarium internal filter started performing low so I […]

DIY Aquarium Moonlight

by roshi on October 24, 2010

in Aquarium

Moonlight is blue. Is moonlight really blue? When we talk about aquarium moonlight, its blue. Aquarium Blue light is not for visibility in most cases but its for for some special cases. Consider aquarium blue light if you want to enjoy your aquarium at night time. There are some fish which come out of their […]

Fish like blood worms, white worms, brine shrimps, alive shrimps. This food help fish grow faster and keep fish healthy. The thing is dried or alive worms and shrimps are not cheap. You want to feed fish worms and shrimps without buying these? You can do it. Why buy brine shrimp, blood worms or white […]

Do it yourself CO2 generator for your planted aquarium. CO2 is needed for rapid plants growth in planted aquariums. You need light, good substrate and CO2 for healthy plant growth in your planted fish tank. There are CO2 generators available in the market but why purchase it when you can do it yourself. And there […]

DIY Aquarium Fish Tank Requirements

by roshi on September 24, 2010

in Aquarium

Never start with a little fish tank. You will see that your fish will grow soon and you will even find an urge to get more fish. Its irresistible. You see a good fish and you want it in your home aquarium. Get bigger aquarium even its your first aquarium. I recommend more than 3 […]