Its funny but Pakistan has launched its own FaceBook after recent FaceBook ban in Pakistan. The ban was not funny. That was a serious issue. I mean you can not play with someone’s emotions. But funny part is…Here is another online social crap and its a copy of FaceBook and not the original idea. O […]

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has blocked YouTube for Pakistan. Whenever internet customers try to open the YouTube a message returns saying: THIS SITE IS BLOCKED. Dear Valued Customer: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (www.pta.gov.pk) has directed all service providers of the country to block access to some blasphemous web content/movies. This content would remain blocked till the further […]

Pakistan has 45 million Facebook users which will not be able to use Facebook anymore for several days. The reason is the Facebook page “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” which had over 40,000 supporters while 53,000 users were opposing Against that page. Islamic Lawyers Movement filed the petition in Lahore High Court (LHC) through Chaudhry Zulfiqar […]