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Fish like blood worms, white worms, brine shrimps, alive shrimps. This food help fish grow faster and keep fish healthy. The thing is dried or alive worms and shrimps are not cheap. You want to feed fish worms and shrimps without buying these? You can do it. Why buy brine shrimp, blood worms or white […]

Overfeeding your fish is a mistake that some fishkeepers specially beginners often make. In fact, more fish die from overfeeding rather than underfeeding. These are problems that could occur if you overfeed your fish.

Cleaning Fish Tank and Gravel

by roshi on October 5, 2010

in Aquarium

Gravel is the substrate of your aquarium. Under that there is under gravel filter. Gravel and under gravel filter get dirty and full of waste materials with the passage of time. How would you clean it? By taking all the water, fish and gravel out of aquarium? That would be the worst thing your pet […]

Have you ever noticed cloudy, dusty, dirty water in aquarium? Little particles hanging in aquarium water? Or even yellow water in aquarium? Beginners will see these problems with their aquariums more than experienced fish keepers. A friend of mine told me that its due to air pollution because water air pump takes air and creates […]