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Fish Food

by roshi on January 20, 2011

in Aquarium

I feed my fish different kinds of food. I have a goldfish fish tank and the other one is community fish tank. Community fish tank has got more requirements because it has many kinds of fish species.

Pleco Eating Cucumber

by roshi on September 24, 2010

in Aquarium

Do fish eat vegetables? If you have got a fish tank then you might be feeding granules and pellets or flakes or even blood worms but if fresh water fish eat food then fish food can cost you less. I have experimented a bit and found out that some fish accept veges. In the following […]

In my previous post, I have posted some of the pics of my fish and aquarium. I have started this new hobby as its pleasant to have a fish tank and colorful fish in it. I have been experimenting a lot and observing fish habits. I have small fish. I have 2 24 inches fish […]