Here are my goldies 22G freshwater aquarium. I have given back shubankin and koi fish because they were chasing redcap oranda goldfish and they damaged his tail fins. Babblu (redcap oranda) is in separate container for few days until he revives. Enjoy few best shots of my goldies.

Its my Redcap Oranda Goldfish, I call em’ Babblu. I have Koi and Shubankin in the tank as well. Few days back any one of those two damaged Oranda’s back fins and I had to move Oranda in this separate container for few days to get him revive.

My goldies tank update. its 22 gallons coldwater fish tank.

Two Fish Tanks

by roshi on October 26, 2010

in Aquarium

I have got two fish tanks for the time being. One is 22 gallons (2 foot) and the other is 120 gallons (5 foot). Here are the pics. 22 gallons is for goldies and 120 is a community fish tank. 22 gallons has got under gravel filter and internal filter while 120 gallons has got […]

Finally a Stable Aquarium

by roshi on October 2, 2010

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Got two more Goldfish – Oranda and Lionhead – which are bigger then the others and I gave 5 fish back including red wag plat, two koi fish, one bala shark. The aquarium is pretty much in stable conditions now. You know you have to complete the nitrogen or ammonia cycle or whatever it is […]

Which is the fish you like most to keep? Search for its compatible fish and then go for it. If you are starting a community tank, compatible fish will live together with each other while fish not compatible with each other will fight and try to damage each other or kill the weakest. There are […]

Goldfish fight as well. They fight for territory. Sometimes when you put new guys in the aquarium, some sort of aggression breaks out and old fish chases the new fish. Single tail fish e.g. comet or shubunkin goldfish can swim faster while Oranda, Lionhead, Fantails can not swim faster specially when they are bigger in […]

Here is my happy pleco. Pleco likes to swim to all corners of the fish tank and eat all the algae and clean the fish tank. I have got two little plecos which are silent workers. I have heard that pleco gets aggressive when it becomes adult.