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Money is the coolest and most important thing to have in life. First priority. We earn to live. We earn more to live happily. Someone said, “If money can’t buy happiness for you then you are not shopping at the right places.” Money can solve our 80% problems right away. If you do not have […]

Life is uncertain. You need energy to keep going on and follow your routine life doesn’t matter what goes wrong. Everybody gets hit by problems, frustration, pain and failure. You have to get up every time, keep going and not look back. Hit it back hard with all the energy you have got. Remember the […]

How to Become Happier

by roshi on September 24, 2009

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Studies show that happy people are less likely to catch colds and make more money than their sad counterparts. Here are some concrete happiness boosters. More sleep The willingness to help others A grateful attitude Strong social ties An exercise program Fun plans lowered expectations Relax about money Spiritualism

Do you often feel depressed, flat and bored? Are you low on physical or mental energy? Do you feel tired a lot? Is your drive, enthusiasm, and motivation on the low side? Do you have difficulty focusing or concentrating? Do you have cold hands or feet? Do you tend to put on tensions too easily? […]