Hall Pass

by roshi on May 12, 2011

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Hall Pass means break from marriage relationship. That means you can do anything at your own risk outside without being questioned by your wife. A married man is granted the opportunity to have an affair by his wife. Joined in the fun by his best pal, things get a little out of control when both […]

Motorbike crashes funny videos.

Sardar Jokes

by roshi on October 4, 2009

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Jokes time! Sardar Jokes are very common. They are the equivalent of Blond Jokes in the United States. The Sardar jokes listed at this site are not meant to disrespect the Sikh Community in any way. Enjoy some more sardar jokes. These are in English.

Have you noticed that when great people talk, they make some difference. Even when they feel angry they tend not to loose control. If ever they insult somebody, they do it in a very funny way. Here are a few examples of funny insulting remarks/sentences you might have heard from your smart superior or boss. […]

When The Driver is SHE

by roshi on February 12, 2009

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In case the driver is a female!!!

Funny Images – Part 12

by roshi on November 11, 2008

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