Having a hobby is pleasurable and easy. Pleasurable in the sense that you will spend some time enjoying it and do productive stuff. Easy in the sense that anybody knows what attracts him. You just close your eyes and can tell what you like to do. So its easy and pleasurable but if not managed, […]

If you plan to go out for few days lets say a week and want to auto feed your fish then there is a solution in form of pyramid or tablet food for fish that stick to the glass and fish can nibble these if they are hungry. These pieces will last many several days. […]

Aquarium and Fishkeeping Guide

by roshi on September 26, 2010

in Aquarium

I have this new hobby of mine for quite some time now and I would like to share with you all what I learn about how to keep fish and maintain your aquarium. You can find all the posts related to fish and aquarium in the aquarium category of RecipeApart. What you will learn in […]