Internet safety for parents has become incredibly important with huge amounts of current generation’s time and energy being spent in the online world. Internet safety is of course incredibly important for us and our children so exercising proper caution is essential. With that in mind we have put together list of the ten best internet […]

Alright, if you have just got a smart phone and are wondering how to get internet going at your mobile device then here is all you need to know. Internet GPRS, edge or access point settings for mobile device. I have got an HTC and I would like to share how its done at this […]

Search Engines

by roshi on July 6, 2007

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Image and web Search engines list.

Doesn’t matter what messenger you use, you can choose a display message which can be a teaser, a famous quote, a famous saying, a funny verb or anything. Here is a list of very cool nicks or display messages you can choose as your display text in messengers or even you can text message some […]