Wise managers do not talk direct. They do not say always what they really mean. Their statements have some hidden messages. For example when they say that “We will do it”, it doesn’t mean you and management will do it. It means you will do it. I have got some more of these statements used […]

Some people really sit and do nothing all day long but are well paid and respected. These kind of people are in management. You can be like them as well. Let me explain it with a story. A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day. A small rabbit saw the crow, and […]

Sardar Jokes

by roshi on October 4, 2009

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Jokes time! Sardar Jokes are very common. They are the equivalent of Blond Jokes in the United States. The Sardar jokes listed at this site are not meant to disrespect the Sikh Community in any way. Enjoy some more sardar jokes. These are in English.

The contest for “Who wants to be a millionaire” was going on and the last question was: “which of the following birds does not build it’s own nest?” A- Robin B- Sparrow C- Cuckoo D- Thrush The contestant (Barbara) decides to phone a friend (Maggie). (ringing) Maggie (a blond): “Hello…” Regis: “Hello Maggie, its Regis […]

IT Evolution, 1990 – 2008

To, ABC Girl Subject: Offer of love! Dearest Ms prey, I am very happy to inform you that I have fallen in Love with you since the 14th of October (Saturday).

A Man With No Bad Habits

by roshi on May 3, 2008

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Once a man was waiting for a taxi. A beggar came along and asked him for some money. The man ignored him. But being a professional, the beggar kept on pestering him. The man became irritated when he realized that the beggar would not leave him alone unless he parts with some money. Suddenly an […]

Urdu Jokes

by roshi on April 25, 2008

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Once a sardar owned a retaurant. A man came up to him and claimed: “Sardar jee! There is a fly in the tea” Sardar jee replied: “O! Dil wadda ker yara! Oonay kinna pee leena aaay”