Babblu was my most beloved goldfish. This morning he passed away. Rest in peace.

Here are my goldies 22G freshwater aquarium. I have given back shubankin and koi fish because they were chasing redcap oranda goldfish and they damaged his tail fins. Babblu (redcap oranda) is in separate container for few days until he revives. Enjoy few best shots of my goldies.

Its my Redcap Oranda Goldfish, I call em’ Babblu. I have Koi and Shubankin in the tank as well. Few days back any one of those two damaged Oranda’s back fins and I had to move Oranda in this separate container for few days to get him revive.

My goldies tank update. its 22 gallons coldwater fish tank.

Goldfish fight as well. They fight for territory. Sometimes when you put new guys in the aquarium, some sort of aggression breaks out and old fish chases the new fish. Single tail fish e.g. comet or shubunkin goldfish can swim faster while Oranda, Lionhead, Fantails can not swim faster specially when they are bigger in […]

Goldfish is the fresh cold water fish. Here is the important suggestions for goldfish lovers.

I have never seen such friendly behavior from a fish. This is Oranda Goldfish and watch this video in which this fish likes human touch.