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I have not been lucky with the aquarium plants. Perhaps that is because I do not use CO2 and liquid fertilizers for aquatic plants in my aquarium and also I doubt that my aquarium lights are strong enough to support the aquatic live plants. But anyhow I have got ‘Anubias’. Precisely speaking its a giant […]

ADA workshops on preparing best planted aquariums.

Takashi Amano is a famous name in aquatic art, aqua art, aqua artist, nature aquarium designs, aquarium tank design setup, planted aquarium designs, aquatic plants layout, aquarium designers. Takashi Amano is a photographer, designer and Aquarist. His interest in aquaria led him to create the Japanese company Aqua Design Amano (ADA). Takashi Amano is one […]

Meet Takashi Amano – Videos

by roshi on October 24, 2010

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Watch Takashi Amano Aqua Artist (Aqua art king) himself designing nature aquariums.