If you are young and or un-initiated, you may think that marriage is all about love. Certainly popular culture would lead us to believe this: two people fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. The real world really isn’t so simple. Marriage is about love, but be careful that you don’t confuse […]

You and me live life. Its beautiful. We do not remember, we have to die. We ignore it and do not discuss it anymore. We want to live. Everybody wants to live – Forever. We are so much used to it. What we all need for a quality life? Did just a word came into […]

Men change after marriage, after some time of relationship, after some period. Females complain about this more often. They say that every man is same. They change for sure. The reason behind this fact can be dependent upon situation but let me explain most common reason.

Girls must read it too…Believe it or not…These all are true facts.