self improvement

Having a positive mindset is essential in so many areas. Studies show that positive thinking improves productivity and quality. When we feel positive we naturally are more creative and so perform better. When you are on top of your game, your confidence levels will be sky high and this benefits all areas of your personal […]

There are many ways to boost self confidence, but it is a process that takes time to reach the point at which you feel confident. You need to take it little by little outside from where you feel safe. Don’t jump in at the deep end, trying to take too many steps too soon because […]

Measures to overcome shyness begin with determining the main reason behind it. Reasons behind it may be dread of appearing in public, fear of failure or perhaps a negative view of yourself. Shyness is a common feeling for many individuals globally, and is attributable to the lack of self esteem and confidence. This tends to […]