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Life is beautiful full of attractive people. We all have crushes – Long and short lived. Have you ever experienced such feeling after looking at someone that you felt yourself transported in fantasy world with him/her for brief moment? It happens sometimes. Fantasy is beautiful than reality. Nuit Blanche is a short film which explores […]

Watch this video and realize that even animals are capable of understanding and helping each other. This is a very inspirational short video film that can even inspire a heart made of stone. A dog is surprised to watch the dolphin in sea. Suddenly the dog falls in the water. Sharks spot that dog and […]

Polar bear Backkom will try anything and everything. This amazing character is funny and awesome created by RG Animation Studios. Watch him fighting with an angry strong bull. Its a bullfight (corrida).

Bug’s Race, 3d animation short is done by a pair of Polish students, Ania Jurkiewicz and Andrzej Ellert. Film is inspired by 3d animated movie by Pixar ‘A Bug’s Life’. It tells a story of a race for domination over the meadow.

Have you heard it? ‘Greed is a curse’. Its a video about how greed makes you irrational. A frustrated guy in office while copying documents using a photostat machine find a black hole embedded in a blank paper which pops out of the machine. He can put his hands inside that black hole by placing […]

Watch some of the best 3D animated Short Films. You can see ‘Spaced out’, ‘Tadeo Jones’, ‘ARK’ and ‘Aliens Vs Coffee machine’.

Ever had a tough night at office with a colleague? This short 3D animation film is amazing with a message of “people do not care about comfort of others”. But when the things take turn…

Knick Knack – Short Film

by roshi on March 13, 2009

in Movies

Knick Knack is a computer animated Pixar short film. A snowman stuck in a snow globe wants to reach a pretty “Sunny Miami” knick knack at the other end of the bookshelf. He tries many unsuccessful but funny methods to get out of his globe, but when he finally breaks out he falls into a […]