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Watch this video and realize that even animals are capable of understanding and helping each other. This is a very inspirational short video film that can even inspire a heart made of stone. A dog is surprised to watch the dolphin in sea. Suddenly the dog falls in the water. Sharks spot that dog and […]

Crazy Frog, originally known as The Annoying Thing, is a computer animated character created by Erik Wernquist. The animation was originally created to accompany a sound effect produced by Daniel Malmedahl while attempting to imitate the sound of a two-stroke moped engine. A 17-year-old student Daniel Malmedahl recorded himself impersonating the noises produced by internal […]

Have you heard it? ‘Greed is a curse’. Its a video about how greed makes you irrational. A frustrated guy in office while copying documents using a photostat machine find a black hole embedded in a blank paper which pops out of the machine. He can put his hands inside that black hole by placing […]

Watch some of the best 3D animated Short Films. You can see ‘Spaced out’, ‘Tadeo Jones’, ‘ARK’ and ‘Aliens Vs Coffee machine’.

Ever had a tough night at office with a colleague? This short 3D animation film is amazing with a message of “people do not care about comfort of others”. But when the things take turn…

An octopus fights to keep his beloved out of the cooking pot. Very very very cute animation. The selected winner for Oscar Award was La Maison en Petits Cubes. That’s okay. Deserved it. This was fun and romantic one with a little bit of action. BRAVO…

In a world gradually flooding with water, an old man adapts to changing circumstances and looks back on his life. The title is in french language. As the movie was Oscar Award Winner, it was removed from many places like you tube. But I can give you some links relating to that. The Oscars Animated […]

A lonely lavatory attendant finds a bouquet of flowers in her tip jar. In the end it says “New employer wanted”.