Okay! I have been writing a lot about stars and zodiacs. I have been even obsessed by zodiacs. Lets try something different. Instead of star signs, what’s your business sign? See your business sign beneath and know what good qualities you possess.

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This 12 videos based post will give you an idea about how to make anybody (related to a particular zodiac sign) fall in love with you. Right! I start with my Zodiac sign ‘A Sagittarius’. I will have to go in reverse order for this. From 12th zodiac to 1st. Here we go. How To […]

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are symbols for 12 different human personality types. Each Sign has its own unique approach to life. Just for fun, let’s get a feel for their different psychologies by making up a typical “Bedtime Prayer” for each Sign.

I like to read Zodiacs signs in the light of qualities they possess. The dark and bright sides of zodiac signs. I rarely read today’s horoscope kind of stuff. But I am always interested in reading, finding and exploring more about the qualities different zodiac signs possess. Here are different qualities and strengths found in […]

Zodiacs Compatibility

by roshi on September 30, 2007

in Zodiacs

Find out which zodiac sign is compatible with the other and in what respect?

What is Your Zodiac Sign?

by roshi on July 6, 2007

in Zodiacs

How do you know that what is your Zodiac sign? Find out about your Zodiac sign, your planet and element of your zodiac sign. You just need to know your exact date of birth.

Zodiacs and Their Mottos

by roshi on July 6, 2007

in Zodiacs

Every zodiac has his own motto or slogan for life. Lets compare different star signs and their motto for life. I have also given positive and negative aspects of their characters.