Models often receive low opinion being talked about that its all about little bit of Photoshop and pretty makeup. But Coco Rocha, proves that being a model actually takes real witty skills and lots of hard work. Its not all about the gorgeous face. Coco Rocha shots a one-minute video called “The Making Of A […]

Recently we have viewed Veena Malik’s interview at TV channels where she tried to defend herself against the claims Pakistani nation imposed upon her of being careless and carefree about her nation, society and religion. She was talking about certain tasks she received in “Big Boss” which required intimacy with Ashmit Patel. She was seen […]

David Saxby’s Reef Tank has been featured in magazines and on television and it is understandable that it commands such attention because its the most spectacular reef tank in the world. See it for yourself.

Horn Shark Vs Angel Shark

by roshi on October 12, 2010

in Wild Life

Angel Shark tries to swallow Horn Shark but something strange happens. Watch the video.

Fish Feeding Frenzy

by roshi on October 5, 2010

in Aquarium

Another great HD video of Fish Feeding Frenzy. Its a tremendous joy feeding fish and watching them having lunch or whatever you may call it.

Here is my happy pleco. Pleco likes to swim to all corners of the fish tank and eat all the algae and clean the fish tank. I have got two little plecos which are silent workers. I have heard that pleco gets aggressive when it becomes adult.

7 years old cute little girls dancing! but!!! What do you find offensive in this video? Is not it like…Dancing gone to far? Is this appropriate for this kind of dancing moves wearing such costume at this age?

Watch Tron Legacy

by roshi on August 7, 2010

in Movies

Watch Tron Legacy.