Tanveer Zamani Calling Bilawal Zardari Her Own Son

by roshi on February 3, 2011

in Politics

President Asif Ali Zardari and Tanveer Zamani are married according to UAE news agency where in Dubai they got married secretly. Though the video is old but see it to believe it. Tanveer Zamani Addresses Pakistan Day Parade in New York and calls Bilawal Zardari Bhutto her son.

Those were really big claims in the start by Tanveer Zamani. Why every politician in Pakistan claims to give his/her blood to Pakistan and then actually sucks out Pakistan’s blood after he/she gets in power?

Pakistan does not need blood. Pakistan needs loyalty, sincerity, fairness, great leadership.

Kashmir issue won’t be resolved. This is Pak-India army issue which they do not want to get resolved.

Old lame slogans… Politicians in Pakistan use these slogans everytime but Pakistani nation must understand the difference.

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