Terms & Essentials of Linux

by roshi on July 7, 2007

in Linux

Some very essential terms and points about Linux. When a new user starts his Linux experience, he usually wonders about the interface. In Windows everything is easy and clicks away. You will not find fancy ‘My Computer’ and ‘My Documents’ folders in there or even ‘C’ and ‘Windows’ folder or ‘Program files’. Linux is different.

bin Essential command binaries
boot Static files of the boot loader
dev Device files
etc Host-specific system configuration
lib Essential shared libraries and kernel modules
media Mount point for removeable media
mnt Mount point for mounting a filesystem temporarily
opt Add-on application software packages
sbin Essential system binaries
srv Data for services provided by this system (export is more common)
tmp Temporary files
usr Secondary hierarchy
var Variable data
home User home directories (optional)
root Home directory for the root user (optional)

For Home Computer, Partition Setup of Linux

Name Size Mount Point
root 10GB /
usr 35GB /usr
opt 33Gb /opt
swap 2Gb swap

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