The Lake House (Movie)

by roshi on May 2, 2008

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the-lake-house.jpgHere I have to recommend you a movie. I hope you have seen it already because it is from 2006. But if not then you are missing something very special, romantic and lovely yet crazy story. Follow the link and watch its trailer and I have also posted one song from The Lake House which we hear in the beginning of the movie with its lyrics.

Keanu Reeves is my favourite hero. I like him from the Matrix. And Sandra Bullock; such a decent character for this movie. I like crazy movies. Not the fighting and all but something different, something which is not possible or strange to imagination. i.e. Matrix, Harry Potter, Lord of Rings, Next, X-Men, Jumper, Click etc.

In The Lake House Keanu Reeves (An Engineer) is in 2004 and Sandra (A Doctor) is in 2006. They could communicate with each other through a letter box. Now the problem is; how to meet face to face when there are two years in between.

I love this movie. If you have not seen it then give it a try. (No action, No fight. Just a romantic story.)

Watch Movie Trailer

Listen Song (I Cant Seem To Make You Mine)

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The Clientele
I Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (Lyrics)

In the silence of the garden
Moss arizing on the wind
And the beast is pondering love love love
Till the rusty nail grow dim

I can’t seem to make you mine
Through the long and lonely night
And I try so hard, darling
But the crowd pulled you away
Through the rhythm and the rain
And the ivy coiled around my hand

So I lingered with the people
In the silent August glade
But the rain has brought the night
And the night has brought the rain

Download song

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