Things Always Go Wrong

by roshi on June 21, 2010

in Inspirational

Do you ever wonder about life? What is life? What have you learned from your life? I am going to share a specific thing I have observed about life. Somebody will tell you or you will know it by yourself later on that ‘Things always go wrong‘. Life and this world is not supposed to be always in the right direction or in good form.

You get a job but there is no certainty. You get fired. I myself have been fired from MANY jobs (I have trouble in getting up early and if my Boss is wrong, I always tell him that he is being wrong). But still here I am, I have no regrets, I always got better jobs opportunities after being fired from old one. It never happened that I was without a job. It looked like the new even better job was always waiting for me. I moved on. It looked like it was all at auto-pilot. Have you been happy after getting fired? I was happy when I got fired from my last job. I came back home relieved. I was not happy at that job. My X-Boss helped me getting out of that job. He said quit. I was already ready to quit. I know today that I made a good decision by leaving that job.

Things are not in our hands. These are in our hands but these are not. You have to move on and struggle for next challenge. That was a fair discussion about job. Sometimes, you get more bills then you expect. Sometimes somebody close to you gets sick or dies. Sometimes All the time things do not work as you plan. Yeah! Things never turn up as you plan them. Your near and dear will never act as you expect them to. You help people and yet people won’t say thanks and even won’t admit it. Strangers would sometimes be nice to you instead of your own blood relatives. Blood relatives become cold towards you (They envy you – They will hurt you and will tell you that you have achieved nothing). This is life. If you observe closely, you will see that everything is going to go wrong unless you do something about it.

You have to try and make things and life better for you. You have to struggle and make life and things work for you. There is nothing which is going to be perfect for you. Nothing will go in your favor. There is no such thing as ‘LUCK‘. But there is a thing called destiny. Your destiny is against you, by default.

Destiny depends on your struggle and choices you make in life.

Things go wrong.
There is no LUCK.
Destiny awaits to destroy you.


You do something about it.

You life is a result of your choices and decisions you made in life. Struggle you put in to make things favorable for you.

If you will struggle for something, it will become yours, It will go right for you. You will always get only what you will struggle for. Nobody is lucky in this world. Miracles do not happen. People put efforts in stuff to make things right for them.

As a man your job is to make right choices for you. You should keep struggling in making things work for you. That is the only way it works.

Now my friend…That I have learned from life. What do you think?

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