Tinfoil Barb Fish

by roshi on September 17, 2010

in Aquarium

Tinfoil Barbs

I thought that I had blood parrot fish but these guys are Tinfoil Barbs. Pink at the above side and white at the bottom. Some call these coin fish but that is not the specific name for these but these are coin like in shape. These are Albino Tinfoil Barbs. Pinkish, silvery and white.

The tinfoil barb prefers to be placed with a number of its own species. It prefers living in water with strong currents. Keep these with fish of similar size or larger. Many people buy young specimens and find out too late how large the tinfoil barb can grow. The tinfoil barb is often seen in large aquaria as companions to large cichlids e.g. the oscar cichlid (oscar is really really huge fish), Astronotus ocellatus. The tinfoil barb is an active, peaceful species that spends most of its time in the mid-level and bottom of the water. A greedy eater, it will attempt to fill its mouth with as much food as possible during feedings. It will eat almost anything provided to it.

Fish Tank with two Pink White Tinfoil Barbs

fish tank with 2tinfoil barbs


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