by roshi on March 31, 2008

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Pakistan is:
World’s 5th Largest Democracy
World’s 6th Largest Nation
Worlds third Largest English Speaking Nation
The roof of the world, Four out of 14 highest peaks are in Pakistan
Some of the longest glaciers outside polar region are in Pakistan
The largest Salt Deposites – Khewra Mines
One of the largest reserves of Natural Gas

One of the largest bird sanctuary in the world – Haleji Lake
World Class Recognition in Textile, IT, Engineering services
World’s Highest Raliway Station – Kan Mehtarzai, Quetta
Road on the top of the world – Karakoram Highway (26,000 Feet)
Land of Majestic Mughal Empire
Land of the oldest Civilization – Indus Valley
Land of the oldest City of the World – Mohenjodaro
Land of the mightiest Rivers in the World – Indus, Ravi,Jehlum,Chenab,Satluj,Kabul
Over 50 Foreign Companies have plant to set up R&D facilities in Pakistan in the past five years. These includes GE, Bell Labs, Du Pont, Daimler Chrysler, Eli Lilly, Intel, Monsanto, Texas instruments, Caterpillar, Cummins, GM, Microsoft and IBM.
Pakistan’s telecom infrastructure between Karachi, Lahore and New York, provides one of the largest bandwidth capacity in the World.
With more than 100 universities, 150 research institutions and 200 higher education institutes, Pakistan produces 100,000 engineering graduates and another 100,000 technically trained graduates qualify out in paksitan anually.
Besides, another 0.5 million other graduates qualify out in Paksitan annually.
The Pakistan Institute of Technology (GIIT) and NED University of Engineering and Technology is among the top 10 universities from which many of the world’s biggest consulting firms, hire most.
Five of the world’s major Automobile makers are obtaining components from pakistni Companies.
New emerging Industries areas include, Mechatronics, Bio Technology, Clinical Research and Pharmaceuticals.
Carrier Air conditioning Co, the american giant for Air Conditioning equipement is to set-up research and Development Center in pakistan.
Paksitan revenues from IT will reach 5 Billion Dollor in teh Year 2010.
Atlas Honda with 0.75 M Motorcycles a year is now one of the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.
Pakistan is the 5th largest tractor manufacturer in the WorldPakistan is teh 9th largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the World.
Suzuki, Which makes many cars in Pakistan has decided to make Pakistan its manufacturing, Export and Research hub outside Japan.
Hyundai Pakistan is set to become the global small car hub for the Korean giant and will produce latest cars in Pakistan.
By 2010 Pakistan is set to supply half a million cars to Hyundai Korea and Suzuki.

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