Tools for Aquarium Mesurements and Fish Keeping

by roshi on October 1, 2010

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Do you want to start fish keeping? Are you interested in maintaining a fish aquarium in your home? To do it in a better way you gonna need few tools. If you know right quantity of fish your aquarium can hold – temperature, pH, water hardness requirements for every fish then you can successfully maintain a happy aquarium and your fish will survive longer. Let me recommend you tools for your aquarium and fish.


Intelligent Freshwater Aquarium Stocking Calculator helps you decide what type of fish is suitable for your current aquarium and what type of aquarium filters your aquariums needs? This is a great tool. All you have to do is to select aquarium size, aquarium filter type you have got and then you will add fish you have or you would like to have and this tool will give you pretty useful information about your fish, aquarium and aquarium filter. It can save you from doing mistakes many fish keepers do.

AqAdvisor will also tell you about the fish you have. It will warn you if your aquarium lacks something or needs something. It will warn you if it would have a better suggestion about your current fish.

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Aquarium Calculator

If you want to build your own custom aquarium then this tool will help you in measurements and calculations of your aquarium. If you are maintaining an aquarium then this tool will help you converting several units for your aquarium.

Aquarium Calculator helps your generate parameters for your aquarium. If you want to build a custom aquarium then you will need to know how much gallons of water an aquarium will hold according to your specified measurements and how much it will be in liters? You will specify aquarium width, height and depth (aquarium dimensions) in inches and it will tell you water capacity it will hold in gallons and liters.

Aquariums can be Rectangular Aquarium, Cylindrical Aquarium or Hexagonal (Six Sided) Aquarium. You have to enter the length, width and depth or diameter of aquarium and it will tell you its water capacity in gallon and liter units.

Convert Centigrade and Fahrenheit units. Fahrenheit – Celsius Temperature Conversion is very useful when you are measuring temperature of aquarium. Sometimes thermometer for aquarium comes with Celsius units and sometimes in Fahrenheit. Here you can convert these units.

Aquarium Water Hardness or Carbonate Hardness measurement can be done using this tool.

There are also Liquid Measurement Conversions available in the tool.

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