UBL WIZ Prepaid Debit Card Completely Fails

by roshi on November 6, 2009

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United Bank Limited Pakistan’s WIZ card used to serve for the purpose of instant money transfer and online shopping purpose. I got to know via a friend who is in Pakistan that he had been using this card for months and had made a couple of transaction for online shopping. UBL WIZ card seemed to be a success and relief for the customers who do not want a credit card for online shopping and preferred a debit card but in the light of the recent events the situation seemed to be changed a lot.

UBL WIZ customers recently faced a huge problem when local bank branches including Township Lahore Pakistan Branch (Peco Road) denied to accept money because their link was not online. They kept telling people that the issue will be resolved and made people revisit the branch the whole day holding cash to put in their account but the whole day link was not online. Their customers support help line (ph: 021-111-825-888) kept telling that all services are up. The next day the link was up and WIZ card holders put cash in their WIZ card accounts.

More intriguing situation which UBL WIZ card holders are facing currently is: They can not made transaction online with this card. Their help line representatives are activating sessions (session is not free – They charge for activated session) for online transaction without even knowing that they have issues with their link and the cards are being declined by the online processors.

error code:
[ CARD FAILURE: There was an error while charging your credit card. The processor returned: Declined (err code 12) ]

A friend of mine has been trying to pay online using this UBL WIZ debit card (suppose to work with Mnet, 1 Link, Orix, Plus etc. Its a VISA card) all the day and after his session was activated he tried all day to made transaction which was declined again and again. He asked from support help line 5 times the whole day, some said that all services are functional and properly working and he should try again and some said that today it can not be processed and they were facing problems with the WIZ card online payments. The next day he tried and asked support person to activate his session but verify this before that and make sure that all services are up. Support help said that all services are up. He tried again but online processor declined the card.

He again asked from support help and called them and another representative said that they are having issues with WIZ card for online payments and he also said that the last day his tickets (issues) were marked as resolved at their end. They completely ignored that the customer generated a request or issue and he is having some problem. Those issues were marked as resolved and the customer is still not able to pay online the next day.

Their customer verification method is also not functional and whenever some customer calls them, they are asking to verify customers and asking detailed questions (ID card no., Mother’s name, WIZ Card no., phone, email, name, secret code) every time, instead of asking them to verify via their PIN number. If you call them 5 times a day for support they will verify you 5 times the same way with details and the call is not free of course. The actual method is PIN number verification in which help representative transfers you on a machine to verify your PIN number and you type it at your mobile or phone and you are verified.

I request anybody who is about to buy a UBL WIZ debit card, to think again and ask anybody else who is using it. Atleast if you want to pay online, do not buy a UBL WIZ debit card.

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