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by roshi on April 6, 2010

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Is there any country where electricity power outage reaches 20 hours from 24 hours? Yep! Pakistan. Is there any other such country? Nop! I do not think so. In summer season, where there should be more electricity availability for people (so that they could be safe in their homes enjoying cool air), in Pakistan this is the season in which you can least expect electricity to stay more than 2 hours. Recently back some days were electricity load-shedding for 20 hours. Now a days power is out after every alternative hour. The electricity rates have been raised by the Government and WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority Pakistan) and they are thinking about to raise the rates even higher. Electricity is one of the basic needs for us. You breathe to live, you eat and fill up your stomach to get energy, you drink water to give liquid supplement to body. And then You need electricity to do stuff. Every home appliances requires electricity. iron clothes, washing clothes, room cooler, computer, light etc. Everything depends on electricity. But its really really becoming rare and rare in Pakistan.

UPS VS Power Generator

I bought UPS last year to avoid problems electricity outage creates. It cost me around $500 USD. After one year the batteries went down and this year when electricity is short and there is load-shedding after every alternative hour, the UPS has stopped working. It gave me only 30 minutes backup because its not being charged sufficiently to meet the power outage needs.

Now I just bought a new power generator which cost me around $600 USD. It can run at gasoline and petrol as well. Now its meeting the need and I can sit at my PC and do work and stuff. When the power fails, the UPS backs my computer up and my PC doesn’t go restarted. Then I run the power generator and cut the main WAPDA supply. The power generator gives power to whole house and it also backs up UPS. Power Generator is noisy though. After an hour I do off the generator and switch back electricity power control to WAPDA power supply.

UPS alone can not meet the needs for the current power outage. I have noticed some funny incidents in Pakistan though.

Cost, Cost, Cost

As the electricity power failure continues…the UPS, Liquid Batteries and Power Generators become costly day by day. With a difference of only one week, marketers raised the prices of Power Generators to double. As people are buying more Power Generators, they are becoming more costly day by day. Second hand Power Generators are short from the market.

The Electricity supply continues to disappear more and more day by day. People who bought UPS are now purchasing Power Generators as well. The trend is to use gasoline in Power Generator instead of petrol. This makes SSGC (Sui Southern Gas Company) uncomfortable as they have given notices in newspapers to arrest the people who will use gasoline in Power Generators and they will cut their Gasoline connection. They told in news that they will raid and bust into people houses to search for gasoline operated Power Generators and arrest those people nation wide. They say that there is a risk of Gasoline outage as well and this step is necessary to avoid the situation in which gasoline runs out from the country.

Pakistan Worst Crisis

It very surprising question that where people should go? What they should do? We do not get the electricity! There is a huge power outage. We are not allowed to use gasoline operated power generators! Petrol is already very costly in the country! According to another source Petrol companies refuse to give Petrol in any other container (bottle etc.). You have to fill up your motor bike or any other vehicle to get the Petrol doesn’t matter you need for the vehicle or the Power Generator.

Bad Luck or Bad Politicians

We heard that Iran and China had offered Pakistan electricity in very cheap rates. Even China had offered electricity at the rate of $3 USD for each house per month. But Pakistan refuses to take that generous offer. Electricity, Petrol, Gasoline and clean water are growing problems in Pakistan and there seems no way to get rid of these problems in near future.

Yet Here We Are

Its amazing though Pakistan still exists and will be at the face of earth, doesn’t matter how much corrupt politicians come and go.

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