Urdu Jokes

by roshi on April 25, 2008

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Once a sardar owned a retaurant.
A man came up to him and claimed:
“Sardar jee! There is a fly in the tea”
Sardar jee replied:
“O! Dil wadda ker yara! Oonay kinna pee leena aaay”

Sardar goes to a restaurant and orders chicken.
Waiter: “French, Spanish or Desi?”
Sardar: “O jeera marzi laay aa! Main keera gallan kerniaan naaay.”

1 larkay ko kia chaiya?
1 larkie jo piyar daay.
1 larkie jo acha khana banaye.
1 larkie jo khoob khidmat keray.
Aor ya teenoon larkiyaan mil jul rehain.

A sardar was driving a jeep in jungle.
Tourist asked him: “If lion comes very close to us, then how can we escape?”
Sardar: “Its simple, Give right indicator and turn left.”

3 sardar were sleeping at same bed.
One felt not enough room for him at bed and so he climbed down and rested at bare floor.
One sardar from bed called him and said. “Come on up now, its enough room now at bed.”

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