Valentines Day Colors Quiz

by roshi on February 14, 2011

in Love

Happy Valentines Day. Its 14 Feb 2011. Amazing rainy day here. Here is a fun thing to do at the valentines day. Do you wanna know that what your boyfriend/girlfriend thinks about you? Email/text/call him/her and ask opinion. Ask him/her to select a color for you. Give him/her options of green, silver, pink, teal, yellow, red, purple, gold and black. Lets see what is his/her choice and then compare the results from below.

Green: I like you.
Silver: I miss you.
Pink: Be my valentine?
Teal: I think you are beautiful.
Yellow: I wanna kiss you.
Red: I love you.
Purple: I want a relationship with you.
Gold: I used to have a crush on you.
Black: I think your cute.

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