What Is Islam (Part 1)

by roshi on April 9, 2008

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The Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Said: “Whenever you pray for yourself, also remember others(family, friends) in your prayers. Because may be some happiness which he deserves or waiting for, is actually waiting for your prayer for him or will be triggered by your prayer for him.”

Helpful For Us If We Make Habit Of Reciting These

  • Sura Yasin — Relief from azaab in the grave
  • Sura Ar Rahman — It’ll make us rich in dunia
  • Sura Al Waqiya — It’ll release u from hunger
  • Sura al mulk — Brings light in ur grave…
  • Sura Al Jasiya — It’ll bring peace in ur life

Muslim’s Five Rights Towards Other Muslim

  • Reply greeting
  • To visit ill person
  • To participate in funeral
  • To accept invitations
  • Reply to sneeze (To say Bless you or SubhanAllah)

Eight Levels Of Heaven

  1. Jannatul mava
  2. Darul maqaam
  3. Darul Salaam
  4. Darul Khuld
  5. Jannatul-adaan
  6. Jannatul-nayeem
  7. Jannatul-kasif
  8. Jannatul-firdous

Who Is Best

Leader ——- Allah (God Almighty)
Guide ——– Quran (Last Holy Book)
Lyrics ——- Azaan (Prayer)
Loyalty —— Imaan (Faith)
Request —— Dua (Prayer)
Protection — Fitra
Oath ——— Kalma
Exercise —– Namaz (Prayer)
Self Control – Roza (Fast)
Charity —— Zakat
Tour ——— Haj

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