Whats Wrong With Pakistan And Muslims

by roshi on April 20, 2008

in Wonder

Pakistan is the most dangerous country at earth and Muslims are terrorists.

Well you may have heard this and possibly you may have already believed it as promoted by the media. I myself do not understand many things except I firmly believe that media and politics are just a crap.

I am a proud Pakistani. Its my country. I love it because I was born and raised here. Everybody loves his country. By media all this bad stuff about Islam and Pakistan is just a wrong concept promoted. They just like to hit with spicy news. I myself have heard two blasts in Pakistan Lahore at the same day. I could have been died with those blasts. I feel equally alarmed with all these happenings over here. I do not know what’s wrong with overall circumstances here in Pakistan but its just Politicians here who are responsible for all that.

Generally, educated folk here get ready every day in morning and go to offices and other people work hard in other ways to earn their daily bread. Most community is poor here. But poor people here in Pakistan are more healthy and satisfied with their lives. Come here and see it by yourself. Muslims are just like other people and what our religion teaches us is like that “Do not be among of those who do wrong deeds and create disturbance”. We are just peaceful like others and God fearing. There is no space for terrorists and extremists in Islam. At one place in Holy Book Quran it is mentioned that: “Best way is of the middle way (Balance. In everything you do.)”. No extremism, No bad things, No terrorism. There is no place for these things in Islam.

The people who does such things have no religion. Not at all. No religion will direct anybody towards wrong way. Religion is about bringing peace in your life and harmony and safety and satisfaction.

In Pakistan Politicians are not good and Politics is at wrong way. I believe that all the bad stuff comes from them. There is nothing wrong with Pakistani Nation and Muslims.

Now I ask some questions from western people. Take example of Hollywood?

Who produces scary and sick movies? Muslims??? Pakistanies???
Movies with extremism and mass killings?
Where a man can destruct anything and everything to save the world or just his girlfriend?
A man can go beyond the limits not humanly possible in a thrilling action or adventure movie (Tell me the definition of extremism please!!!)

We can see extreme hatred, anger, destruction, evil, scary, inhumanity in these movies.
What Hollywood is promoting? Is it love or peace or destruction and extremism.

Besides, there is just one incident of Atomic Bomb strike. You know what I mean???
If Americans reached at Moon! Why did not they visited the moon again???I mean it’s been quite a while now. You know what I mean???
Single person ‘Osama Bin Laden’ is lost and world’s most efficient services and top secret agencies cannot find him!!!You know what I mean???
I hope you do…

Are these things not fishy!!!
Think about it!!!

The people who are extremists and terrorists have no religion. World is a beautiful place including every country with beautiful people. No religion is bad and Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews and other all are good. Follow your religion whatever it is. All are good. Just I think it is not good to blame any religion or community or country.

What I suggest, Remove every single weapon (I mean every single one and all of it and every kind of) and destructive element from the face of earth. It is ridiculous that a country who have more destructive power is more secure and powerful. World does not need power. It needs love and harmony. And please shutdown Hollywood if you can or tell them to work like Dreamworks Animation Studio, Pixar, Bluesky Animation Studios or Walt Disney. World does not need scary or destructive movies. It needs 3D kids animations. :D 
I object at just scary and destructive movies produced by Hollywood. I mean the world is safe if you let it be safe.  

I might be wrong!!! What do you think about it???

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