What’s Your Rashee Movie Trailers – A Movie Based on Zodiacs/Horoscopes

by roshi on September 25, 2009

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whats your rashee

A young man has only ten days to locate his soulmate as dictated by the stars, otherwise he could lose a fortune. He thus embarks on a journey through love, looking through twelve girls of different horoscope to find the one who fits his horoscope. WOW! Now that’s cool. A movie based on Zodiacs. In this movie there is Priyanka Chopra in twelve characters with different horoscope. Okay! we know that male and female same horoscope will possess different qualities. Atleast we will have some experience about good/bad qualities possessed by twelve horoscopes in case of a female. They still missed twelve horoscope signs in case of males.


What’s Your Rashee Trailers and Clips

The title song is stupid, you will agree on that.

Solute to ‘Priyanka Chopra’ for this truly versatile character. This character based on twelve horoscopes was definitely different and tricky one. They displayed in it Sagittarius girl as a hot girl ready to make love and Aries girl as ridiculously funny. The fact is Sagittarians are hot tempered but sometimes funny and Arians are hot and active in making love.

Alright Lets start with Sagittarius












Okay, I would say, Nice try. But! We need something more powerful based on twelve zodiacs comparison and including male and female zodiacs, possibly a movie from Hollywood which would reveal twelve different zodiacs males and twelve different zodiacs females and their life and their interaction between them all.

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