Who is your Family?

by roshi on April 20, 2010

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When you grow up, you find yourself surrounded by your family. Many from them will claim that you are their family. The definition of Family is ‘A social unit living together’, ‘Primary social group; parents and children’, ‘People descended from a common ancestor’, ‘A person having kinship with another or others’.

People Descended from a Common Ancestor: If this is the definition of family then we all humans together make a big family. We all came from ‘Adam and Eve’ after all. Definitions change. Society and culture change. This is not the true definition of the family. What’s family then. You, your parents, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts etc.? Let’s digg into this deeper.

Back few years, all the members including parents, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grand fether, grand mother etc. together used to be considered as a family. Now a days its different.

Members in your true family include: You, your parents, your wife, your children and your best pals who are with you and help you if you need them. In some cases sisters and brothers stay with you as well. But they get married and leave sooner or later. You might call this extreme point of view but this is true. As you grow you will truly find that only these members are your family. Your family is that person who lives with you and won’t leave you in any way. You and your family share an unbreakable bond of relationship. Family members share following characteristics:

  • Family members share common interests
  • They grow with you and fall with you
  • Your work for them and they work for you
  • You help them and they help you
  • You share all activities with them while you spend your life
  • They won’t leave you
  • They help you grow up and you do the same for them
  • They carry same burden which you do
  • They understand your problems and help them eliminate and you do same for them
  • They will comfort you when you need it and you do same for them
  • They enjoy your company and
  • They will always respect you and ask respect in return

Family is not restricted to ‘blood relation’. Your family won’t leave you in any case. Your Parents won’t leave you in any way. Parents are at the higher rank in your family. The definition of family can be modified with the passage of time, but you can’t exclude parents from your family. Wife and children makes also another most intense bond in family.

Your parents, wife and children are the members who will always be your family. Wife will be your family as long as she is your wife. Even if they are away from you or you are away from them, you all will be always a family. You need them and they will need you.

Brothers and sisters in this modern society can be your family, or not. It depends. In most cases they leave you and won’t look back at you. If this is the case then they are certainly not your family. Normally they will create their own family separately. If they still are engaged with you, they respect you and help you and you do same in return for them, then they are still your family.

There is another category in family. You might have couple of friends. Good friends. Who help you. You like to hang around with them and they like it as well. They won’t deceive you and will always help you if they could. They won’t think ill of you, neither will you. In this category will be a single person though in most cases. You will have only one such good pal or two or three in exceptional cases. These guys are also your family. This is why I say that family is not restricted by ‘blood relation’. Anybody who is good with you and you are good with him is your family.

In this modern society, your uncles, aunts, cousins, brother-in-law, sister-in-law etc. are not your true family. They make another sub-category under family. But certainly they are not your family in most cases. They pretend to be the family in most cases though.

What do you think?

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