Why Ants Bite

by roshi on December 25, 2008

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Have you bitten by ant ever? Ever wonder that why the ants bite? If you live in some rural area or If you have ever worked in fields then for sure you have been bitten by ant at least once in your life. Ants are very industrious yet humble creatures. They work day and night to collect food and store it. They search for food everywhere. If you come in their way then for sure these tiny creatures will bite you. You may think that they ask for their way to be cleared. You have blocked their way and search and in return these are biting you, so that you may clear their blocked way.


No. The fact is much different.

Actually ant tries to eat you. Just like with any other particle of food, ant tries to cut some from you. Sounds ridiculous? Think about it. Ants also live in graves (graveyards) where they live on Human decay. It is just that in the nature of an ant to bite anything in their way and to take it home as food storage for their clan.
When I was a child I used to think that ants bite out of curiosity when they sense any fluffy thing. But here I have just cleared some concept.
What do you think?

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