Why People Use Twitter

by roshi on March 27, 2009

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For all Twitter addicts, this is an awesome video. You will see why people are so much interested in Twitter and an introduction about Twitter for people who are not yet familiar with Twitter and its magic. I am a Twitter user too, but never got to the point of having the title of Twitter Addict. Its just fun. A place where people waste their and other’s time. Twitter is a good thing if you use it for genuine purpose. The purpose should be to follow the people you want to follow and get in touch with them all the time. Sadly Twitter is a huge Spamming monster now, as I see it. What do you see? You see people following each other madly and wanting others to follow them for nothing. I mean you must be mad to follow 48,129 people for example and having the same amount of followers. This is impossible to get in touch with this much people and read them; respond them, at the same time. Rubbish idea. Let me declare that Twitter is a heaven for spammers.

The fact is, people are more interested in shouting what they are doing and want the world to know it. Not everybody there is there to listen. A mean world, I would say. If you are not a Twitter user, Don’t ever use this Twitter thing. Ever!!!

You might not agree with me if you are a Twitter addict or an average user. Let me know if I said wrong about Twitter.

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