Zodiacs and Their Mottos

by roshi on July 6, 2007

in Zodiacs

Every zodiac has his own motto or slogan for life. Lets compare different star signs and their motto for life. I have also given positive and negative aspects of their characters.

ARIES (I am)

Qualities (Pioneering, assertive, active, enthusiastic, self-starter, leading, initiator, aggressive, confident, eager, proud.)

TAURUS (I have)

Qualities (Steadfast, loyal, possessive, stubborn, loves beauty, indulgent, stable, practical, physical, determined, artistic, placid, affectionate).

GEMINI (I think)

Qualities (Inquisitive, charming, mental, versatile changeable, communicative, witty, restless, adaptable, nervous, sociable, expressive, fun).

CANCER (I feel)

Qualities (Sensitive, nurturing, tenacious, protective, emotional, intuitive, caring, moody, dependent, absorptive, domestic, maternal, enveloping, sheltering).

LEO (I will)

Qualities (Confident, warmhearted, magnanimous, proud, creative, ardent, dramatic, enthusiastic, romantic, generous, loyal, self-centered, hearty, commanding, affectionate, noble, dignified).

VIRGO (I analyze)

Qualities (Analytical, precise, skeptical, finicky, critical, careful, detail-oriented, practical, diversified, mechanical, industrious, reserved, studious, assimilative, dedicated, moral, dependable, health-conscious).

LIBRA (I balance)

Qualities (Pleasant, charming, sociable, aesthetic, beauty- and luxury-loving, artistic, balancing, mediating, refined, cooperative, romantic, relationship-oriented, peacemaking).

SCORPIO (I transform)

Qualities (Intense, courageous, manipulative, emotional, persistent, penetrating, resourceful, passionate, secretive, magnetic, bold, regenerating, extreme, loyal, sarcastic, scientific, sensitive, probing, researcher).

SAGITTARIUS (I see, I perceive, I observe, I sense)

Qualities (Independent, enthusiastic, sporting, philosophical, explorative, happy-go-lucky, escapist, extravagant, athletic, foreign, forthright, outspoken, religious, wandering).


Qualities (Organizing, structuring, practical, leading, stubborn, ambitious, executive, efficient, restrained, business-like, self-sufficient, responsible, systematic, cautious, conventional).

PISCES (I believe)

Qualities (Emotional, sensitive, compassionate, confused, impressionable, visionary, vacillating, poetic, artistic, mystical, humble, creative, intuitive, idealistic, romantic, sympathetic).

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